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Matt Fuller Tour

3 October 199617 October 1996

Matt Fuller is a London-based writer, publisher and interactive zine editor, who toured Australia during 1996 for ANAT.


Matt Fuller's Australian tour started with the visit to Casula Powerhouse on 3 October 1996 and a talk with Gomma to around 35 design students at the University of Western Sydney, Nepean. The Performance Space and Artspace hosted a presentation by Matt Fuller and Scanner on 5 October at Artspace. Fuller presented a substantial excerpt from a paper especially created for Virogenesis entitled 'Eating Disorder' in which he discussed "relationships between the device of perpetually footnoted, perpetually appended 'windows into information', of the contemporary computer interface; the development of dysfunctional bureaucracy in the ruins of the welfare state; and in neobiological representations of the market as entering a new 'heroic' phase, against which no borders must be allowed to stand."


The Institute of Modern Art (IMA) co-ordinated a full week of talks and meetings for Matt Fuller during his week's stay in Brisbane allowing him to meet with a wide range of artists, writers, community workers, students, curators, arts organisations and government bodies. On 9 October he gave a workshop at the IMA which was attended by about 15 people. Street Arts, a community-based organisation, hosted Fuller on 10 October for a lively exchange of information and project ideas.


On 17 October the Experimental Art Foundation hosted a talk entitled "People Would Go Crazy: hardcore methodology" in which he critiqued the politics of hypertext, drawing out comparisons with jungle and techno music. 

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