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During 2004 ANAT worked closely with Adelaide City Council (ACC) on the development of the Luminosity project.

This followed a tender being awarded to ANAT in April, that responded to a call from ACC (and the Capital City Committee) to develop a public art projection initiative that would investigate themes of sustainability around the city of Adelaide. With a tight time frame to develop the project by June 2004, ANAT collaborated closely with Brisbane based projection artist Craig Walsh on the development of a Masterclass program for SA based new media artists. Held for four days in June, in an old ice-skating rink, the Masterclass was run by Craig together with Stephen Thomassen from God Lab in Brisbane. The Masterclass focussed on a high degree of experimentation, encouraging the participants to re-interpret the surrounding city through the projected image. The Masterclass participants were:

Michael Sin-Yuen
Lynne Sanderson
Jennifer Lyons-Reid
Gerhard Hillmann
Carl Kuddell
James Geurts
Annemarie Kohn
Brian Deggar
Ed James
Clint Woodger

Following the Masterclass, three SA new media artists were commissioned to create works to be projected around the city of Adelaide. In addition to these, Craig Walsh and Cicada from Melbourne were also invited by Council to create new video and sound works for projection in the East End of the city. The first of these projection works, Temporary Lodgings by Craig Walsh (Q) was projected from June 25 - July 31 2004in the East End of Adelaide. Amensal by Cicada (Kirsten Bradley and Nick Ritar) was projected into shop fronts along Rundle St East during August. It explored the delicate balancing act that unfolds when nature ventures into the city, through the image of giant lichen growing across windows reacting and changing to the presence of passers by and street noise.

The SA commissioned work commenced in July with Jennifer Lyons-Reid & Carl Kuddell’s Human Pastures projected in the shop front of 25 Leigh Street. Human Pastures cleverly toyed with the weekly ritual of grazing the aisles. The SHOOT artists collective screened the large-scale projection Metrospective on the Target Wall from 29th October to 14th November 2004. Metrospective addressed the visual landscape we occupy through a constantly changing collage of consumerist images that are peeled away to create new combinations of visual language. During November, James Geurts presented Limbo, an experimental video that explores the suspended identity of a tree as a commodity or as a life support system in a contemporary context. The public were invited to have their say about the Luminosity projections through a dedicated SMS feedback number supplied by Adelaide City Council.

Luminosity was a major public art initiative for Adelaide City Council in association with the Capital City Committee, and the Australian Network for Art & Technology. 

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