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Love the Robots: Residency

1 October 201230 December 2012

Kristy Boyle: Artist in Residence at Rote Fabrik, Zurich, Switzerland

I initially developed the 'love the robots show' with support from Dock18 in 2009. I have now gained support from the 'Digital Culture Fund' from the Australia Council for the Arts to develop new online platform tools and stage a performance in Australia during October 2011.

'love the robots' is a showcase combining media art, public workshop, network performance, informal lecture and discussion centered around the theme of robots, contemporary art, culture and society. The hybrid format combines practice, theory and exhibition showcase, serving as a catalyst for an international network of collaborations and contacts among local and international artists and audiences.

'love the robots' is open to the public from beginning to end. The online streaming platform that supports the live event provides unrestricted access not bound to geographic location and encourages participation via a range of distribution modes. It is not based on a traditional model where the experts teach to an audience, it involves an exchange of information among all participants.

During my residency I propose hosting a fully developed 'love the robots' showcase and public workshop to take place @ Dock18 which would feature Australian artists (as remote guests) alongside local Swiss artists. I hope to contribute technical expertise, online tools (funded by the Australia Council for the Arts) and knowledge to help improve Dock18's infrastructure, explore new way and possibilities for presentation of robotic artwork and interacting with audiences in the future.

I wish to continue building relationships with artists and the general community in Zurich. I would also like to use my proposed residency time to develop a new robotic performance work in collaboration with Dock18, SGMK (Swiss Mechatronic Art Society) and local sound composer Iris Rennert. This leads on from my artwork 'tree ceremony' which was commissioned by Museum Tinguely and the Kunsthaus Graz for the 'Robot Dreams' exhibition.

My previous works can be viewed online via A DVD accompanies this application showing my most recent robotic artwork 'tree ceremony' and documentation of 'love the robots' proof of concept show from 2010 staged at Dock18.

Artist's statement by Kristy Boyle


Rote Fabrik