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The Dome Project


The Dome Project was presented by ANAT, RiAus and the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, Swinburne University as part of the 2009 BigPond Adelaide Film Festival (BAFF).

This groundbreaking project provided Australian audiences with the opportunity to experience the immersive and exciting potential of the fulldome medium. The project also saw a special release of Filter Magazine, Screen Play, which looked at the proliferation and use of screen environments internationally.

The Best of DomeFest
The Best of DomeFest comprised the best screen works currently made for fulldome and was shown at Mawson Lakes Planetarium. The program brought together a unique set of partners - ANAT, DomeFest, 2009 BigPond Adelaide Film Festival, RiAus and both Mawson Lakes (SA) and Melbourne Planetariums. David Beining (Founder and Director of DomeFest, Associate Director of Immersive Media at the University of New Mexico) attended the Festival and, in the lead up, headed the international panel that selected the program content. Ticket sales for the project reached 80% capacity, with the second half of the season being sold out.

"The BigPond Adelaide Film Festival [BAFF] is delighted with the outstanding results of its partnership with ANAT for the 2009 program. “ - Adele Hann, Associate Director BAFF.

Portable Dome
The Portable Dome was set up for four hours a day on the SA Museum lawns on North Terrace in Adelaide city centre and screened a looped 25 minute program of the following three works: Poèm èlectronique by Le Corbusier and Edgard Varèse; Celestial Mechanics by Scott Hessels and Future Memory by Amanda Phillips and Alexander Waite Mitchell.  502 people attended the screenings at the portable dome.

The Dome Project Panel Discussion
The Dome Project panel discussion was invited by the 2009 BigPond Adelaide Film Festival to be part of the Double Helix: Art and the Moving Image Symposium suite of events. The panel comprised the distinguished guests listed below who were selected to discuss the opportunities made possible by the rapid uptake of fulldome production and exhibition technologies and infrastructure.

Moderator: Jennie Zeiher (Rising Sun Pictures)

Speakers: David Beining (DomeFest), Monica Zetlin (Melbourne Planetarium), Scott Hessels, Warik Lawrance, Amanda Phillips, Peter Morse (all content creators) and Chris Fluke (Swinburne's Centre for Astrophysics & Supercomputing).

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