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AVF '87 - Home Video Awards

4 September 198710 September 1987


“Video is the medium of the future - it's what our era is going to be all about.” - Francis Ford Coppola

1987 heralded the entrance of a Home Video component to the Australian Video Festival Awards. The reason for this was so as to provide a forum for the works of domestic users of video - the increasing number of people utilising VHS, Beta and Video 8 to realise their own productions.

Advances in technology are taking place in leaps and bounds making video-equipment lighter, simpler and even more accessible. The possibility to make alternative TV (or even to simulate it) has become available to a very wide and varied audience. As Super 8 costs increase it has begun to slip away from its traditional counter-culture role. Super 8 groups are seeking and finding more acceptance within the mainstream film industry. 1/2" video and Video 8 however, have kept to the goals of public-access.

Video 8 promises to make available to amateurs and video artists alike, high quality images and sound. Dominik Barbier, our French guest of the Festival, has just spent 2 months travelling around Australia preparing his next video art installation - all his original 'footage' was shot on Video 8. The winners of this years Drama/Narrative section of the Independent/Commercial Awards did the same,

“It's vernacular, it's popular art ... this is just an opening to what is going to be happening as this technology improves!' - John Hanhardt, Curator, Film and Video Whitney Museum of Modern Art, on Home Video

Video 8 equipment will be demonstrated in the foyer of the Chauvel Cinema at this years' Video Festival.

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HOME VIDEO listing

Gabrielle Butler - Through A Clown's Eyes.
A Clown trying to hold onto and control her own spontaneity.

Susan Charlton - Enchantment By the Sea.
“Beauty will be erotic - veiled, explosive-fixed, magical-circumstantial, or it will be not at all” Andre Breton

Kerry Cheers - Love Minus Zero Sings.
Music clip

Billie Dean - Give It Up
The story of a lonely woman who finds inner peace in Glastonbury when she learns to love herself first,

Craig and Melinda Dowsley (Mecra Video Productions) - For the Want of an Option
Brent's fiancée Cara was killed in a house fire - now Cara is no longer a memory; she is a reality.

George Evatt - From the Other Side.
Interviews with six children from separated families.

Leigh Elmes - Anguish and Amnesia - The films of Piercarlo Pasquinta.
Docudrama on the life and work of the Italian Film director Piercarlo Pasquinta.

Glen Fraser/Sonia Short (Streetwise Films) - Murder at Heart.
A failing marriage and a girl on the side, sees a final confrontation between a man and his wife.

Malcolm Goldfinch -

The Blessings. The Blessing of Alex and Joanna Mcinnes. First at St. Bartholomews Dublin, Ireland then St. Albansnear Sydney. A Videograph.

The Wedding of David and Mei Ling. A record of a wedding at home, celebrated by Rabbi Brasch.

The Fantasmagorical Island. A historical Videograph being a one person production to be used as a teaching example.

Mary Anne Green (The Battery Hens) - Organ Factory 1987.
Live performance.

Ulli and Vicki Hansen -

Wet Dreaming. Reflections on water and loving moments in the past.

First Yolk. A 4 minute action packed comedy send up of Rambo's shot gun wedding to a 'beautiful'? maiden,

Paul Jennings - Grandmother’s Garden.
The serenity of grandmother's garden is interrupted when her grandson comes to cut the lawn.

Munia Kanna -

Definitely Not the Six O'Clock News, and

Another Hitchcock Thriller.
Titles self explanatory. By Munia Hitchcock Kanna.

Gavin Lardner - Video Medley.
A creative look at Sydney's more exotic sports, namely polo and snow skiing.

Fransisco Luis, "Ballooning".
Riding Hot Air Ballons - Showing all stages from Start until Airborne,

Jose Macalino - Brisbane DADA Performances 1987.
A compilation of seven performances with paraphrases to establish the creation of an original Video Album.

Kyriaki Maragozidis - Audio: Video.
Simple images made accessible through incorporating the multi-lingual language of music.

John Mauchline - No Way Street.
Short drama about alienation in modern society,

Sean McKenna - The Two Aliens.
Woody and Dave get together to present 'Space Kid', a wacky absurdist S.F Romp.

Peter Muller/Kevin Roberts/Jamie Higgins (The Moguls) - The Kiwi Winter Tourist.
A New Zealander visits Australia for his winter holiday.

Mt. Clear Technical High School -

Individualism. A Video within a video. God sets some students the task of making a video.

Da-Family. Two members of the Da-family attempt a robbery but are overcome by a superhero.

Stab in the Dark. Family members killed by crazed killer. Son to the rescue, but with a different ending.

David Quon/Ronald McCulloch - Crocodile Queen.
Home movie of trip to Bali and Sumba.

Roberto and Suzie - The Hewa Need of Witches.
Doco from New Guinea shot on slides but made dynamic through use of home video equipment and live sound.

John Samaha -

Quick to Judge. After 35 years at the spare parts store, Audley's had enough, he wants to seek a creative outlet.

Twelve My Way. Liz is a failed opera singer and wants to make it big in the RSL club circuit.

Maxine Hewer (Basket Case Productions) - The Tragedy of Mark Macbeth.
Parody of Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Gary Hinsby (Q.O.L.I.C. Productions, Spastic Centre of N.S.W.) - That's Entertainment.
Satire of television over the last 25-30 years.

Steven Jeffries - Desperately Seeking Evan.
A wedding film with a difference. The wedding is preceded with comedy skits produced mainly from old clips of the couple and the family.

Sue Strachen - Ballooning.
Documentation of a ride in a hot air balloon.

Jane Thompson and the Y-Fronts - The 10% Swing.
Performance clip intercut with various comic images relating to the song.

George Trad - Nothing For Money?
6th Class send up of 'Money For Nothing',

Marcus Vannisse - Tea For One.
A simple ritual of a cuppa and cookies turns into an erotic fantasy disaster

Peter Vogel - Bill Posters.
Friends and Family improving billboards of Sydney.

Compiled from AVF '87 catalogue by Stephen Jones