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AVF '87 - Corporate Video awards

7 September 1987

[2nd AVF catalogue pp.76-77]


Axolotl - Fruit and Vegies
A 60 second commercial produced for the Sydney Fruit and Vegetable Marketing Board, depicting the fruit and vegie team beating the Australian cricket team.

Broadcom Corporate Video - Shroders International Property Fund

Mark Broggy (Catholic Audio Visual Centre)
A promo for personal development.

Mark Busultil - Follow Me
Video promotion for Follow Me publications

Stephen Cozens (South Pacific Video) - Regrowth Hardwood Felling
Training video pitched at timber industry personnel explaining the particular dangers of working in regrowth hardwood, Safety practices.

Financing Victoria's Growth
Programming explaining the lending policy of a statutory body through the eyes of its clients.

Stephen Cozens (Gallery Films) - The French Collection
Documentary about the authentication of a collection of French Post-impressionist and Realist paintings held by the Bendigo Art Gallery

Ian Dall (The Video Paint Brush Co.) AMP Report Corporate Opener

John Desengo -

Adelaide Casino High Flyers
John Martins Mothers Day

Retail for mother's day.

Graham Fussen (EVP (Television) Pty. Ltd.) - Australia Post Isn't Just Stamps
Promoting Australia Post's Express Courier Service.

Colin Hawke (University of Sydney Television Service) - Power Gallery Promotion

Greg Hoy / Andrew Denton - Environmental Health
Vocational information program designed for the Hawkesbury Agricultural College Course.

Dion Isaacson (Eyewitness News) - Inside Eyewitness News
Short Video for distribution to schools and station tours.

Nell Mallard - This is It! The Video
An informative package designed to cater for new external students enrolling at the S.A.C.A.E.

J.S. Mason (Transit Video Productions) - Manly
Tourist promotion for the Manly Tourist Board featuring Barton Lynch, International Surfer

Lisa Mathews (Westpac Video Network) - Take Ten No.7; Take Ten No.10
A fortnightly news program produced for Westpac.

Craig Mathewson - Keralan
Quality and quantity lucerne hay.

Terence Maybury - The First Day
A training video developed for the introduction of new employees into the SprayPave company.

Antoinette McLeod (Broadcom Australia Ltd.) - Area Design
A promotional video made for the tenth anniversary of the company.

Lyn and Brett Mulcahy (Mulcahy Enterprises Ply. Ltd.) - Capita Sales Recruitment
Introducing prospective agents to the career benefits of joining a major financial group. 1nto the Future" Current Affairs style program featuring Karina Kelly and detailing the 1987 projections for a major financial group.

Graham Nicholsen - Computer Based Training
Introduction to computer based training in insurance techniques.

Open Channel Co-op Ltd. - And Now the Weather
Made for the Bureau of Meteorology. Weather forecasting from ancient times to the present day.

John Patterson / Lyn Allen (Urban Transit Authority) - Metroten
Information video for UTA personnel - to introduce new ticketing system.

Polymedia Presentations - Winners are Grinners
A music video style motivational video aimed at Toyota dealers.

Suzanne Powell (NSWIT Advertising Dept.) - Parody in advertising
Deconstruction of ads using parody as a theme.

Andrew Ricker / JohnSexton (Australian Satellite Express Ply. Ltd.) -

Makeup and Beauty
The Women's Weekly Video Cassette on Make-up and Beauty.
Towards a World View of Hypertension

Mary Anne Scully / Lawrence Orec (Murray/Riverina Media Production Unit) - Packaging and Presenting Fruit

Ken Sealy - Austbuilt International
Promotional video of building system.

Marta Sengers (AUSSAT) - Above Down Under
A high quality corporate documentary presenting AUSSAT's corporate capability in the context of the history of telecommunications in Australia.

Harry Smith (H. Smith and Associates) – Aerobics: A Way of Life

TV Quiz Show Player
Low budget program to show how the player performs and raise interest from investors.

Chic Stringer (Provision) - Who Needs a Lawyer?
To demonstrate the lawyer's role and usefulness in today's society.

Courting Stress
Some aspects of stress in the job, and one possible remedy.

Ian Thompson (The Video Paintbrush Co.) - Westpac Take Ten Title
Short 'pop' opener for Westpac Corporate program.

Simon Whitely (The Video Paintbrush Co.) - Nestle Corporate Communications
Generic corporate opener.

H. Worth (Audio Visual Education/Ministry of Education, Leederville, S.A.) - Switching On
To promote correct use of video in school.

Compiled from AVF '87 catalogue by Stephen Jones