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AVF '87 - Computer Graphics award entries

7 September 1987

The Australian Video Festival, 1987

[catalogue pp.77-78]


James Blomfield (Channel 9/ZAP Productions) - Channel Nine I.D.
Computer Graphic to continue the design strength of Nine. A strong Identification with state of the art technology,

Mark Broggy (Catholic Audio Visual Centre) - Knee Deep the Frog
A semi-animated children’s story done on low-band by shooting slides off screen and CVI processing.

Patrick Doherty/Craig Morris (New Order Advertising) - Stop'n'Rock Records
Commercial aimed at presenting a corporate image that would appeal to a wide range of people.

Terry Dyer/lan Thompson/Chris Godfrey (ABC/Video Paint Brush Co.) - ABC Memphis Promo/Clapperboard
3D Memphis B6 and turning clapper board with reflective ABC logo.

Bart Feldman - Gen III
Computer generated graphics from music with keyed-in video.

Wayne Gerard -

Casino Base
News Graphic
Ridgey Didge

Title graphic for children's program.
American Football

Title graphic for National American Football
News Graphic - Korean Olympics
Memory Lane

Title graphic for boxing segment in sporting programme.
Music News

Title graphic for Ten programme segment.
Video Review

Title Graphic for Good Morning Australia segment.

Tina Hamilton-Martin - Golden Years of Hollywood
Opening Title

Greg Hoy - Window Series Titles
From the high resolution Mirage of public sector television to the scratch, freeze, blur of community public TV.

Margaret Kelly - ICTV
Personal Graphic

Jean-Marc Le Pechoux (The Video Paint Brush Co.) - Camera Mythica
Travel and a parodox and a romance.

Deborah McNamara/Simon Brewster - Simon Townsend Wonder World Opener

Captain Rom -

Wanaka Tape One
Wanaka Tape Two

Animated fractals done on Amiga. Sound is 'transtanzifl'.
Full Moon Toad Songs Over Toadscapes

Animated fractals keyed to CVI 'tunnelled' to electronic music.
Evening Toadsongs (ribbit)

Animated fractals from Amiga downloaded to CVI. Ambient video environmentals

Jackie Rothwell - World Cup Weightlifting
Opening title

John Salmon (Enmore Music Co.) - You Can't Loose
Real-time computer graphics animation produced on a Commodore 64 using original music.

SBS Television Presentation Section - News Promotion

Animated Opening titles.

Harry Smith (H. Smith and Associates) - Ausgraph '87/ASET '86
To introduce delegates to each of two conferences.

Ian Thompson/Felicity Coonan (The Video Paint Brush Co.) - Women '88 Opening titles

Ian Thompson (The Video Paint Brush Co.) - Westpac Take Ten Title

Tim Woolmer (Cluster Productions) – Yendys
A report by an alien on eight Sydney suburbs.

Robin Wright - Sunday
Opening title.

Compiled from AVF '87 catalogue by Stephen Jones
Selected objects
Diagram 1 from Sally Pryor's article in AVF'87 catalogue.
Diagram 1 from Sally Pryor's article in AVF'87 catalogue. – from Women and High Technology: Some Observations