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Arts Victoria Arts Innovation Residency 2006


In 2006, ANAT facilitated artist Pierre Proske’s residency at the Department of Archaeology and Natural History at the Australian National University. Pierre’s work, for the large part, takes place in electronic environments but also strays into social, cultural, political, and scientific spheres. For the duration of the residency, he worked alongside Simon Haberle, director of the Paleoworks group.

He comments, "From my experiences of art/science collaborations or interactions there’s always an underlying question posed to the artists involved – how can your art benefit the sciences? To which I would probably answer that I don’t think art/science collaborations should be celebrated by concrete benefits to scientific research. An art-science residency is like having children… it gives birth to ideas”.

Arts Victoria’s Arts Innovation program provides support for professional artists to undertake a project with partners in other fields to share their respective knowledge and expertise. Read the residency report in Pierre's words here.