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Alchemy International Masterclass


ANAT's International Masterclass for New Media Artists and Curators took place in Brisbane in May and early June 2000.

16 tutors and 42 participating artists and curators explored new media practices, critical concepts for cross cultural collaboration and generally had an extraordinary time exploring with and playing in the newly opened Brisbane Powerhouse - Centre for the Live Arts, who partnered with ANAT on the realisation of this project. Whilst a core of the program was undertaken in a lab which ANAT installed in the Courier Mail Rooftop Terrace and function room, participants took advantage of having run of the entire building, including the Visy 200 seat theatre, rehearsal studios and a plethora of flexible exhibition, installation and performance spaces in and around the building.

The masterclass engaged with a diverse range of topics: from science discourses to Indigenous issues, to issues facing artists working in diverse cultural settings, to curatorial practice for interdisciplinary and new media practices. Of particular note was the component of the masterclass which occurred in early June which was dedicated to performance and hybrid practices. ANAT had not focused on this area in previous Summer Schools and was keen to open up a space for the development of this area of practice in the context of a cross-disciplinary project.

Brook Andrew (NSW)
Caroline Farmer (SA)
Christian Thompson (Vic)
Clare McGrogan (Qld)
Dena Curtis (NT)
Gongxin Wang (China)
Hartanto (Indonesia)
Jenny Fraser (Qld)
Jo Law (WA)
Keith Armstrong (Qld)
Kim Machan (Qld)
Mae Adams (Vic)
Megan Rainey (SA)
Monica Narula (India)
Patricia Adams (Qld)
Raewyn Turner (NZ)
Rebecca Youdell (Qld)
Sam James (NSW)
Sarah Neville (SA)
Shilpa Gupta (India)
Steve Bull (WA)
Bruce Gladwin (Vic)
Chris Dempsey (Qld)
Christiawan (Indonesia)
Deborah Lawler-Dormer (NZ)
Edwina Bartleme (Qld)
Grisha Coleman (NY)
Jane Schneider (Qld)
Jernej Kozar (Slovenia)
Kamal Krishna (Qld)
Kelli Mccluskey(WA)
Lisa Anderson (Qld)
Mari Velonaki (NSW)
Mike Stubbs(UK)
Partha Pratim Sarker (Bangladesh)
Peter Toy (WA)
Raul Ferrera (Mexico)
Rolando Ramos (NSW)
Sarah Ryan (Tas)
Sheridan Kennedy (NSW)
Sophea Lerner (NSW)
Vanessa Mafe-Kean (Qld)

Tutors were invited to the ALCHEMY MASTERCLASS based on their level of skills and experience with new media arts. The tutors all had varied backgrounds and interests, in order to provide a healthy cross-section for the participants. The tutors were selected to provide not only technical training, but also a wider conceptual and philosophical background to new media practice:

Alexei Shulgin (Russia)
Nina Czegledy (Canada)
Mongrel (UK)
Geert Lovink (Aust and Netherlands)
John Tonkin (Aust)
Rea (Gamileroi/Wailwan)
Mike Stubbs (UK)
Sara Diamond (Canada)
Tess de Ouincy (Aust)
Laura Jordan (Aust)
Marko Peljhan (Slovenia)
Blast Theory (UK)
Shudahabrata Sengupta (India)


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