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Electronic Kame Sutra, Cathy Vogan, Video

Early work by the artist Cathy Vogan on the subject of love with unusual objects.Choreography by Jean Marc Matos, Music by Kasper Toeplitz. Dancer: Anne Marie Brun. Hoover-robot by Jean Rene Bader.

Hamlet Machine, Cathy Vogan, Dominik Barbier, Video

Collaboration with Domink Barbier. Heiner Muller's Hamlet Machine, live on stage, premièred in July 2003 at Marseille with lead-up performances in Lyon & Amsterdam.

Propaganda: Ladies vs Nazis - CaTV, Cathy Vogan, Video

Leni Riefenstahl faces Busby Berkley in a game of chess...From the 1996 film "The Synchronizer" by Cathy Vogan.  

Screen Test, Daniel von Sturmer , Video Installation

4 Screen video installation and Kinetic object

Tableaux Plastique, Daniel von Sturmer , Video Installation

10 Screen video installation

The Cinema Complex, Daniel von Sturmer , Video Installation

7 screen HD video installation

The Field Equation, Daniel von Sturmer , Video Installation

8 screen video installation with objects Originally commissioned by ACCA as The Helen Macpherson Smith Commission 2006

The Object of Things, Daniel von Sturmer , Video Installation

5 Screen video installation with objects

The Truth Effect, Daniel von Sturmer , Video Installation

5 screen video installation.

Creation, Rhys Votano, Video

Rhys Votano created this video artwork in Iceland during the Summer of 2015 with performer Svala Johansdottir and sound artist Eirik Boen Gravdal. For this work Votano used a photo-chromatzia style to retell the Norse myth of creation. The white appears like the ice of Nilfheim, signifying the blank nothingness before time.

Burn, Julie Vulcan, Video Installation

Past Elements Future Icons, Julie Vulcan, Video Installation

5 video monitors, 1 slide projection, 5 found glass objectsDuration: ranges from aprox 9:30 to 20:00min each on loopVideo/sound: Julie Vulcan The video monitors and slide projection are installed throughout 3 spaces in the gallery. The monitors arranged variously on their backs, sides, up high or at eye level. Each video...

Shadow Spin, Julie Vulcan, Video Installation

1 video monitor, 1 slide projector, 1 fishtank, 1 found wooden sideboardVideo/sound: Julie Vulcan

Silent but not dead, Julie Vulcan, Video Installation

3 video monitorsVideo/sound: Julie Vulcan Three monitors arranged variously on the floor, one on its back and two horizontally. The images merge graveyard angels with natural rock formations. The layers entwine and slowly merge emitting an unearthly glow. The work evolved through reflections on western disconnections between life and death and...

Tales from the Shadow Time, Julie Vulcan, Video Installation

2 video monitors, found objects – wood, corrugated iron, building rubbleVideo/sound: Julie Vulcan

The light fell – some new pain, Julie Vulcan, Video Installation

3 video monitors, found objects – building rubble, partial sculpted head, blue vase, bricks, black materialVideo/sound: Julie Vulcan

I'm Sorry I Didn't Ask, Davy Walker, Video

I’m Sorry I Didn’t Ask is a meditative video that invites viewers to share in a moment of inspiration and connection, captured by the artist in a new city. The video was made by the self-imposed rule that image and audio should be created simultaneously. Ideas for the score were developed...

CINAMNESIA, Nicola Walkerden, Video

CINAMNESIA draws links between the twenty-four vertebrae in the human spine and the twenty-four frames per second in 16mm film whilst exploring the effects of film on the nervous system. A combination of performance and documentary on black and white 16mm film misplace experiences of time and movement. There is an examination...

Rings and Divisions – On Saturn’s Edge, Nicola Walkerden, Single channel video work

This work thinks about the rings of Saturn and the gaps in between, known as divisions, as moving images spin through fields of space created by the interactive corporeality of 16mm film. In making this work, excerpts of 16mm film have been hand animated by Nikki Walkerden using scratch and...

1984 January  
Four Girls, Linda Wallace, Video

7 mins A collection of memories, graphics and video with a strong narrative dialogue. A conceptually based piece outlining the past and present of 'Four Girls'.

Print Media, Angus Ware, Video

Print Media is a literal take on the notion of ‘consuming images’ - here two people literally eat their own printed image over and over.

The Queen and I, Douglas Watkin, Video

Douglas Watkin is a highly regarded Torres Strait Islander producer and director, renowned for his documentaries and dramas. Douglas is passionate about sharing Indigenous stories. The Queen and I tells the story of Douglas’ father, Edward Watkin's encounter with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II when she visited...

Captive, Geoffrey Weary, Video

A digital film by Geoffrey Weary CAPTIVE explores the themes of repression, confinement and escape. These themes are expressed through the incorporation of grainy VHS footage shot in Berlin at the time of the collapse of the Berlin Wall, hand-held camera sequences shot in a maze-like forest and slices of footage...

Light/Strike, Geoffrey Weary, Video

Light/Strike a digital film by Geoffrey Weary

On the Yangtze, Bryden Williams, Video

The Yangtze River is the largest river in Asia, spanning thousands of kilometres across Mainland China. As part of my creative interest in the resource of water in contemporary environments and...