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BLACK BOX: Painting A Digital Picture of Documented Memory, digital artwork

A digital media artwork and book BLACKBOX: Painting A Digital Picture of Documented Memory, generated through the media technologies of interactive multimedia, exploiting the creative potential of digitally produced music, sound, image and text relationships in a disc based and online (Internet) environment. The artwork evolves from an imaginary electronic...

Strange Cities, Tatiana Pentes, cd-rom

The exilic identity of grandparents, survivors of the Russian and Chinese Revolutions, are traced in fragments of memories, photographs and music.

Still Alives, Laurent Pernot, Screen

Mad Mesh, Experimental film

Mad Mesh was made by photographing disturbed mesh patterns from a television camera tube. An Image Orthicon camera in the Federal Engineering section of the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation at Gore Hill, Sydney) had developed a fault with the mesh in the pick-up tube that could be moved around with...

Haitus, Sebastien Pesot, Screen

Interference, Leslie Peters, Dara Gellman, Screen

Happy Ends, Maani Petgar, Screen

Cut, Debra Petrovitch, Screen

Super 8 film shown at Super 8 forum Dendy cinema Sydney; Roma Theatre Sydney. Also shown at Berlin film Festival, Germany, Curator Stephen Cummings.  

Red dogs are coming, Debra Petrovitch, Screen

Uncle Bill, Debra Petrovitch, cd-rom

Set against the industrial backdrop of a post-World War II Australian steel manufacturing town, Australian multimedia artist Debra Petrovitchís semi-autobiographical work Uncle Bill is a dark and disturbing narrative that explores a young girls memories of growing up in a harsh and at times violent environment. A cross-platform interactive CD-ROM,...

Die Veranderburg, Jochen Pollitt, Screen

Sawdust Ceasers, Bill Posters, Ben Evison, Screen

In the network of lines, Potential films, Screen

Athletes feet, Neil Poulsen, Screen

Frogs, Neil Poulsen, Screen

Bill Kelly and his Book, Andrew Preston, Screen

Chained Melodies, Andrew Preston, Screen

True Blue Love, Pierre Proske, mobile

The last judgement, Melanie Purcell, A. Symes, Screen

A Little Confession, Jeanette Purkis, Screen

Hostage: The Bachar Tapes, Walid Raad, Souheil Bachar, Screen

1988, Melinda Rackham, web

Ideal Word, Enrique Radigales, web

Departure, SJ. Ramir, Screen