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Das Kapital version 0.7, Marcello Mercado, Screen

Cheap Blonde, Janet Merewether, Screen

This experimental video rearranges the same sentence 22 times: ‘A famous filmmaker said: “Cinema is the history of men filming women”’, while deconstructing the video image of a woman bathing in a waterfall.

Contemporary Case Studies, Janet Merewether, Screen

A black comedy featuring an experimental graphic style. Contemporary Case Studies takes a bleak look at the confused nature of love and relationships in Sydney at the turn of the new century.

Making Out In Japan, Janet Merewether, Screen

Direction, camera, edit - Janet MerewetherConcept - Yuji Sone and Janet MerewetherVoices - Yuji Sone, Eric Dorfman and Janet Merewether A collaboration between performance artist Yuji Sone and film/video maker Janet Merewether, this short video, based around a language lesson structure, intends to teach the language of Japanese intimacy in five easy steps. The subtleties...

Maverick Mother, Janet Merewether, Screen

When filmmaker Janet Merewether could no longer ignore her loudly ticking biological clock, she chose to have a child on her own.

Palermo: ‘History’ Standing Still, Janet Merewether, Screen

Images of architecture and street life shot in Palermo in 1999 are edited as a mock-documentary to suggest a century of history, and to examine issues of authenticity in the period film.

Short Before The Movie, Janet Merewether, Screen

Director's statement, September 2013 "Jonas Mekas once wrote that 8mm home movies would be the folk art of the 20th century. Short Before The Movie takes us on a quick trip to the crossroads of cinema, where film as commodity, artform, home movie and cultural document meet.

Tourette's Tics, Janet Merewether, Screen

Tourette's Tics is a short experimental mock-documentary which explodes the myth of the 'hysterical woman', a myth perpetuated by Sigmund Freud, who has been described by some as 'a reckless cocaine addict, guilty of mass plagarism. Tourette's Tics questions the authority of the 'expert in the white coat', and transforms hysteria into the hysterical.

Without Sleep, Cameron Merton, Screen

Heroes, Angelica Mesiti, Screen

Muto, Kathryn Mew, cd-rom

Caramba, Nick Meyers, Screen

Carumba, Nick Meyers, Screen

Rock climber, Nick Meyers, Screen

This is Super 8 !, Nick Meyers, Screen

Falling, Mahalya Middlemist, Screen

Vivarium, Mahalya Middlemist, Screen

Life Spacies II, Laurent Mignonneau, Christa Sommerer, software

Human hamburger madness, Cindy Mikul, the Redmyre Film Collective, Screen

Fling, Hazel Milburn, Screen

A Virtual Landscape, Ricardo Miranda, Screen

Born House, Yasuko Miyata, Screen

Cat-a-logue, Yasuko Miyata, Screen