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Cross Currents, Dennis Del Favero, cd-rom

Cyberflesh Girlmonster, Linda Dement, cd-rom

Donated body parts collected during Artists' Week of the Adelaide Festival 1994 were used to construct a computer based interactive work. About 30 women participated in the original event by scanning their chosen flesh and digitally recording a sentence or sound.

Heart, Linda Dement, Screen

Heaven, Linda Dement, Screen

A girl eats diamonds, another feeds a pig its own eye, another cleans a rifle which pokes its tongue out. 'Story of the Eye' by Georges Bataille, 'That's Heaven To Me' by The Soul Stirrers.

Killing the Host, Linda Dement, digital artwork

Augmented Reality for Bundanon Siteworks Program. Killing the Host is a digital artwork exploring systems and patterns of infestation, intrusion, tunneling, contamination and fatal damage. Sarcoptic mange in wombats is caused by the scabies mite burrowing in to the skin to lay eggs. As the mites tunnel, live and breed in the skin,...

Typhoid Mary, Linda Dement, cd-rom

The CD ROM Typhoid Mary was created on Macintosh computers at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales from 1989 to 1991.  Photographic images were scanned and manipulated; a rough draft of the interactive structure was made with the software Hypercard and the final with Macromind Director. It can still be used...

Silent Night, Wendy Dent, Melissa Seelenmeyer, Screen

Suburbia, Richard Dent, Screen

Fleethecunt, Adam Dewhirst, Screen

Force of Horse, Video Diabolico, Screen

Itch, Cushla Dillon, Dalia Shelef, Jane Stewart, Helen Barlow, Screen

The Fear In Me, Cushla Dillon, Screen

A Film, Atanas Djonov, Screen

This is an experimental video the underlying idea of which is that people's creativity and imagination are nurtured through our attempts to resolve tension. The work juxtaposes two different planes: vision and sound. The work questions the definition of 'film' and the way in which a film's structure is dependent...

Pole Shiroko, Atanas Djonov, Screen

Wide-Open Fields (2005), video performance in collaboration with the choir Nothing Without Belinda, duration 3:40 mins The video track offers a journey, documented in early 2004, through deserted built and open spaces in Bulgaria. It is accompanied by the live performance of a Bulgarian folk song about fear and the...

Postcard from Australia, Atanas Djonov, Screen

Postcard from Australia is an observational video of commuters walking through a pedestrian tunnel. It is accompanied by a soundtrack of Varshavianka - a Polish song written at the end of 19th century and popular in Russia during the revolutions of 1905 and 1917

Polkafox, Jonnie Dobele, Hannelore Kober, Screen

Silent Treatment, John Dobson, Screen

The Phone Call, John Dobson, Screen

Persona non grata, Christoph Doering, Screen

Greetings From Sydney, Bruno Donatello, Film

“a short comic murder film playing with rear projection illusions featuring Sheona White and Duncan McLay.” - Sheona White - until recently worked at the AGNSW as an administrator Duncan McLay became a Hare Krishna devotee and later an industrial designer.

One night in Chippo, Nick Donkin, Screen

Anonymous, Lionel Doolan, Screen