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Resonance, Stephen Cummins, Simon Hunt, Experimental film

The Movie or The Duck, John Curren, Jackie Farkas, Screen

Bye bye signore, Luigi Cutore, Screen

Face 1,2,3., Francesca da Rimini, Screen

White, Francesca da Rimini, Josephine Starrs, Screen

White, an experimental film/video, focuses on a woman’s inner experience of madness, exploring the language of madness to create a hyperreal vision of alienation, psychic disturbance and transcendence. A self-reflective text, meditating, fantasising, exorcising, all from the space of a white room which is at once...

Play List, Ryszard Dabek, Screen

The Play list, Ryszard Dabek, Screen

Who falls...was, Ryszard Dabek, Screen

Wisp, Edwin Daughtry, Screen

Blue water, A. Davie, Screen

Displacement, Ruby Davies, Johanna Trainor, Screen

Impromptu reform, Ruby Davies, Stewart Dunlop, Screen

The end by sundown, Ruby Davies, Screen

Altar-ations, Juliet Davis, web

Not aspirin, Therese Davis, Screen

Biohead Actualized, , Anna Davis and Jason Gee, Screen

In Biohead Actualized a digital ventriloquist doll regurgitates the language of contemporary self-help strategies, the actualisation movement (EST), psychotherapy and new age personality auditing. Engaging in an uneasy conversation with the audience, the doll answers very personal questions about its emotional state and continually gives unqualified advice.

A Hologram [for Mr Spielberg], Paula Dawson, digital artwork

Laser transmission hologram depicting a director's chair surrounded by 48 parabolic mirrors. Produced as part of an artist residency the Holocenter, NY. Collection of Macquarie University Gallery.

ANN, Paula Dawson, digital artwork

White light hologram. ANN is an original holographic portrait of Dr. Ann Lewis a collector, philanthropist, and the former director of Sydney's Gallery A.

Are You There?, digital artwork

Laser-Transmission Hologram Private Collection, on loan to National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, ACT

Canberra Police, Victoria Dawson, Screen

Desire To Clean, Victoria Dawson, Sherre DeLys, Jamie Fielding, Screen

Homeland, Paula Dawson, digital artwork

The green terrain in the background of Homeland are 3D scans of human palms. Floating above these are red tracings of human life lines, created using the Holoshop haptic interface. Homeland maps the terrain of human experience, diverting holographic techologies away from their military function for visualising and destroying targets, to instead trace the...

Luminous Presence, Paula Dawson, digital artwork

Luminous Presence is a 1x1.5m digital hologram composed of thousands of frames of 3D computer graphic images, which demonstrates through animation of surface fragmentation, transparency and reflectivity, a comparison with the "scintillating" effects of gilded panel painting and gold mosaic in early Italian art. Luminous Presence featured as part of...