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Spectra I, Ross Manning, Installation

Spectra I is a kinetic light sculpture that doubles as an exceptionally reductive take on video installation art. Suspended from the ceiling, a rotating structure of coloured fluorescent tubes driven by basic household rotary cooling fans, projects coloured geometric shapes and washes. 

Autonomous Improvisation v.1, Wade Marynowsky, Interactive Video Installation

Prepared and automated Pianola, four networked computers, three projectors, three screens, monitor, amplifier, speakers, sound.Custom built software to randomly play 37 different video files and to play the Pianola.

Black Casino, Wade Marynowsky, Installation

Black Casino involves five flying V guitars mounted atop a rotating spin wheel as used in popular game shows such as The Wheel of Fortune. The guitars form a five-pointed star - a pentagram, which conjures certain magical associations and is used today as a symbol of faith...

Fish and Chips, Wade Marynowsky, Installation

Fish and Chips by Wade Marynowsky and Michael Candy. The duo developed robotic works that interact within the environment. The project exists within two realms, Land and Sea. An underwater robot interacts with fish and a land-based robot interacts with seagulls. Australian beach culture is played...

The Acconci Robot, Wade Marynowsky, Installation

The Acconci Robot is an interactive robot that follows you unawares. Appearing as a shipping crate of minimal design, the robot is mute and motionless as a viewer approaches. But when the audience member turns away, and starts to leave, the robot begins to follow. If the...

The Hosts: A Masquerade Of Improvising Automatons, Wade Marynowsky, Installation

As the title suggests, the work is a masquerade ball for robots. Partly inspired by E.T.A Hoffman’s The Sandman (1817). In which a young man falls in love with a feminine automaton, Olympia, who dances with him at a ball. The Sandman is a key-feature in Sigmund...

Darkest Before Dawn, Nicholas Maurer, installation with video

Darkest Before Dawn is a surrealist abstract new media sculpture that uses the manipulation, reflection, surveillance and projection of the screen image to jointly celebrate and critique the power of mediated technology. Its increasing modes of communication/presentation and the control technology has over Us. The Voyager 1 spacecraft is right...

Eden, Jon McCormack, Installation

Eden is an interactive, self-generating, artificial ecosystem. A cellular world is populated by collections of evolving virtual creatures. These creatures move about their environment, making and listening to sounds, foraging for food, encountering predators and possibly mating with each other. Over time, creatures evolve to fit their landscape. Eden has four seasons per...

Turbulence: an interactive museum of unnatural history, Jon McCormack, Installation

Turbulence is a menagerie of synthesised forms, evolved within the computer using a process of artificial selection. A video laserdisc contains over 30 minutes of computer generated animation. Animated sequences on the disc are accessed via a touch-screen interface. The interactive is a collection of poems, ideas, information and imagery relating...

Funeral Songs, Daniel Mudie Cunningham , Interactive Video Installation

Documentation of installation at Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart MOFO January 2012 What song do you want played at your funeral?

The Love Machine II, Anna Munster, Michele Barker, Installation

In3Face, Adam Nash, Mami Yamanaka , Installation

Battle Breaks for the Spectral DJ, Martin Ng, Oren Ambarchi, Installation

Solace in Black Sun, Debra Petrovitch, Interactive Video Installation

4 channel Video, 5 channel audio with interactivity and triggering devices. (Interactivity programmed and installed by Wade Marynowsky), Artspace, curated by Blair French.

2005 21 Jul19 Aug  
The Anita Project/version 3, Debra Petrovitch, Interactive Video Installation

The Anita Project is based on research into the murder of Anita Cobby in Australia in 1986, and the impact her death had on society. At the age of 26 years old, Anita Cobby was robbed, raped and brutally murdered in Western Sydney, which provoked fierce public outrage never before witnessed in...

Plasticology, Patricia Piccinini , Interactive Video Installation

57 TV monitors, motion-sensors and computer digital modelling and animation.

Bystander, Kate Richards, Ross Gibson, Interactive Video Installation

Artists: Kate Richards & Ross Gibson Designer: Aaron Seymour Programmers: Daniel Heckenberg, Jon Drummond Sound Design: Greg White

2014 2 8 Oct  
Grove, Kate Richards, Installation

"I’m excited about my new solo work grove which will have its first outing in early October 2014. Its my PhD major work, and seemingly is quite a   departure from my previous areas of interest and making. Yet through my PhD research at UNSW I’ve been able to focus tightly on my...

sub_scape, Kate Richards, Sarah Waterson, installation with video

subscape is a collaboration between new media artist Sarah Waterson, new media artist and producer Kate Richards,  MaxMSP Programming by Jon Drummond

2007 1 October  
The Uncertainty Principal, Kate Richards, Installation

The Uncertainty Principle photomedia installation

Autopoiesis, Kenneth Rinaldo, Installation