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Global Mind Project, Karen Casey, Interactive Video Installation

Global Mind Project: Spectacle of the Mind, Karen Casey, 2010

Meditation Wall, Karen Casey, Interactive Video Installation

Video projection (240 x 600cm) exhibited in 'Uncontainable' ISEA 2011 Istanbul Developed from original artworks by Karen Casey, manipulated by the artist's brainwaves using custom designed EEG video effects software developed by Harry Sokol Audio design: Tim Cole with Karen Casey

The Tissue Culture + Art Project, Oron Catts, Ionat Zurr, Guy Ben-Ary, Installation

Almost Always Everywhere Apparent, David Chesworth, Sonia Leber, Installation

As the recipients of the third annual Helen Macpherson Smith Commission, Sonia Leber and David Chesworth created a large scale sound and structure project for the cavernous main exhibition space at Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. 

2014 27 July  
Augmented Terrain, Leon Cmielewski, Josephine Starrs, Installation

"Augmented Terrain will be a large-scale media artwork that re-presents the relationship between nature and culture. The intention is to configure the land itself as active, not neutral, and to imagine it being able to speak and make comment about human impacts upon it."

Escape Velocity, Company in Space, Installation

Have Avatar, Will Travel: Colonising the New Cyberspace, Bruce Damer, Merryn Neilson, Dave Rasmussen, Installation

Dislocation, Alex Davies, Installation

How does the presence of others, real or imagined, trigger distinct emotional responses? How much are we really aware of our immediate surroundings as constructed ...

Flutter, Alex Davies, Installation

Flutter is a multi – channel sound installation concerning the dynamics of communication between individuals in physical and social space.

Reflux, Alex Davies, Installation

Reflux is an interactive installation in which users engage with a child's doll. The lifeless object slowly obtains memories as different users describe their first childhood memory to...

Swarm, Alex Davies, Installation

s w a r m presents individuals with an evolving audio visual environment in which the...

Mirror Mirror, Paula Dawson, Installation

Rainbow hologram hand embossed to polished cast bronze mirror. Mirror Mirror is a holographic portrait of Graeme Murphy AM, esteemed choreographer and dancer. This portrait combines aspects of early caryatid mirrors (Egyptian, Greek and Roman), and was a form of holographic research into Chinese magic mirrors and other illusory...

The Shrine of the Sacred Heart, Paula Dawson, Installation

The Shrine of the Sacred Heart was a highly original hologram, allowing the viewer to experience a simulated vision by feeling suspended in space over the inverted dome of the church. Commission for St Brigid’s Church, Sydney.

To Absent Friends, Paula Dawson, Installation

To Absent Friends is the world's largest laser trasmission hologram and was awarded the Grand Prix of the First High Tec Art Biennale in Nagoya, Japan in 1989. For this work Paula recreated a traditional Australian pub bar within the isolation of of the National Acoustics Laboratory in Sydney, as well...

1987 31 Aug 4 Oct  
AVF '87 Linea di Fuoco, Dennis Del Favero, installation with video

The Australian Video Festival, 1987. DENNIS DEL FAVERO AND FILEF - LINES OF FIRE Geoffrey Batchen

50BPM, Linda Dement, Installation

A half tonne explosives bag, strung up and sagging, leaks black fluid, its half dead presence bleeding out onto the floor. A minuscule screen flashes text of warning and outrage, a furious energy reduced to a micro scale easily overlooked. Helen Reddy’s optimistic anthem I Am Woman slowed to 50...

CRT: h’ommage to Léon Theremin (CRT), Robin Fox, Interactive Video Installation

Robin Fox is one of Australia’s leading artists in audio-visual performance, sound and computer music. His diverse practice has led to research in acoustic compositions for cochlear implant users at the Bionic Ear Institute in Melbourne, commissioned interactive audio-visual performances for festivals worldwide and the release of seven experimental sound...

2012 21 Mar29 Apr  
Beautiful Cities, Adam Geczy, installation with video

Exhibition by Adam Geczy at Artspace, Sydney. 

2007 13 Apr20 May  
Buried Alive, Adam Geczy, installation with video

Exhibition by Adam Geczy at the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia

Zwischenräume, Petra Gemeinboek, Installation

Petra Gemeinboeck and Rob Saunders create environments that highlight society’s evolving relationship with increasingly intelligent machinery, and in doing so, demonstrate how machines are an integral part of our social fabric.

A Clear Day, Shaun Gladwell, Wade Marynowsky, Installation

Macintosh G3, Dyson vacuum cleaner, amplifier, speaker, audio.