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Mark Titmarsh, Artist

Mark Titmarsh was born in 1955, Ingham, Queensland, Australia. In addition to a PhD awarded by the University of Technology, Sydney in 2009 Titmarsh holds a number of graduate and undergraduate degrees including a BA in Law [Queensland University], a BA in Visual Arts [College of Fine Arts, University of NSW]...

Nicholas Tsoutas, Curator

Nicholas Tsoutas is the former Artistic Director of Casula Powerhouse. He is the past Executive Director of Artspace Visual Arts Centre, Sydney and also the past director of the Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane and The Performance Space in Sydney. He curated the 1985 Sydney Performance Perspecta, and has been an...

Helen Vivian, Curator

Helen Vivian is a curator, writer, publisher and editor with twenty years of independent practice. She is currently Co-curator of Mildura Palimpsest with Kristian Haggblom. 

Linda Wallace, Artist

In lovehotel [2000] Linda Wallace produced one of the most influential and widely-seen Australian video works of the past 20 years. A fragmented narrative featuring the streets of Tokyo and New York, flowers, faces, bodies, multiple layers of imagery and text, lovehotel tells of a feminine ghost intelligence wandering through the spaces...

Atanas Djonov, Artist

Atanas Djonov was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 1972 and moved to Sydney in 1996. He completed a video-production course at the College of Journalism and Mass Communication at Sofia University, Bulgaria. He completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in 2002 and a PhD in 2011 from the College...

John Gillies, Artist

A sailing vessel hoves into view, white sails billowing in the darkness. Images appear on the sails, projections of microscopic surfaces, rocks, patterns, pages of the Bible. Children laughing and electronic noises can be heard on the soundtrack. So begins John Gillies’s Armada (1994-1998), a video/sound installation. Gillies’s work since...

John Conomos, Artist

John Conomos is a writer, artist and theorist. In addition to his exhibitions, he has written extensively on film, video and the visual arts, as he seeks to chart a path between the practice of the essay as a written form but also as an ongoing practice across video, films,...

Bernice Murphy, Curator

Bernice Murphy is an important figure in the development of video art in Australia. Over a series of cogent articles and precient exhibitions, she was one of the key figures who articulated the potentials for video in the context of contemporary art. Working together with video artist Stephen Jones, she...

Mr Snow, Artist

Mr.snow is an artist and an artists technician. With Zina Kaye, he jointly administers the House of Laudanum, a web venue for artists, writers and musicians, which has been providing application and web-hosting solutions for Creatives.

Norie Neumark, Artist

Norie Neumark is a sound/media artist and theorist. Her media art work, including installation, Internet, and CD-Rom, has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She is the recipient of numerous artist grants and residencies, including MacDowell Colony and La Cité Internationale des Arts. Norie was previously founding Director of the Centre...

Stephen Jones, Artist

Stephen Jones has been directly involved in video art as an artist, engineer, researcher and curator since 1974. One of Australia's pioneers of video art, his work has been shown in several important group exhibitions in which video art has featured. As one of the earliest Australian researchers in the...

Julianne Pierce, Curator

Julianne Pierce is an Australian curator, writer and producer specialising in digital and media arts. In September 2007 she relocated to the UK to take up the position of Executive Producer with Blast Theory.