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The Kingpins, Artist

Angelica Mesiti b.1976, Técha Noble b.1977, Emma Price b.1975, Katie Price b.1978. The four members of The Kingpins appropriate the styles of mainstream culture, drawing on the look of fashion, music, art and sport, blending their samples into performances, videos, photographs, installations and paintings. Their melding of these styles is densely...

Barbara Campbell, Artist

Barbara Campbell was born in Beaudesert, Queensland in 1961. She completed a Master of Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts, The University of Sydney in 1998. Campbell works primarily in the medium of performance. Since 1982 she has worked with the specific physical and contextual properties of a...

Dennis Michael Wilcox, Artist

Sydney-based artist who produced a number of single channel video works, multi-channel installations, and video sculptures during the 1980s and 1990s.

Norie Neumark, Artist

Norie Neumark is a sound/media artist and theorist. Her media art work, including installation, Internet, and CD-Rom, has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She is the recipient of numerous artist grants and residencies, including MacDowell Colony and La Cité Internationale des Arts. Norie was previously founding Director of the Centre...

Zina Kaye, Artist

Born in the UK, Zina Kaye left her job as Editor of Boardroom Magazine in London to travel the world in 1991. She moved to Sydney in 1993 to study at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW. In 1996 she graduated with honours and also received a Research & Development Grant...

Michele Barker, Artist

Michele Barker works in the field of new media arts, exhibiting extensively both in Australia and overseas. Her work addresses issues of perception, subjectivity, genetics and neuroscience and she has contributed to the field of new media arts extensively via her engagement as a research-oriented practitioner. Barker’s...

Stephen Jones, Artist

Stephen Jones has been directly involved in video art as an artist, engineer, researcher and curator since 1974. One of Australia's pioneers of video art, his work has been shown in several important group exhibitions in which video art has featured. As one of the earliest Australian researchers in the...

Out-of-Sync, Artist Duo

Out-of-Sync is a collaboration between Norie Neumark and Maria Miranda. Norie and Maria have maintained a collaborative media art practice since 1993, beginning in community radio and making CDROMs. As their practice developed they began exploring larger questions of culture and technology, with works like Shock in the Ear (1998)...

Maria Miranda, Artist

Maria Miranda is an art-maker and art researcher. She has maintained a collaborative art practice with Norie Neumark as Out-of-Sync since 1993 – making work that engages with questions of culture, place and memory. In the late 1980s Maria co-edited and co-published the zine Drawing Away: an Australian Women’s comic...

Stelarc, Artist

Stelarc was born in 1946 in Cyprus and after emigrating to Melbourne studied at Caulfield College of Advanced Education and the Royal Melbourne College of Technology, Australia.1 He began with perfo 1. Tom McCullough (director), Recent International Forms in Art, Biennale of Sydney, 1976, Sydney: Biennale of Sydney.

Adam Geczy, Artist

Adam Geczy is a Sydney-based artist, writer and academic. Geczy studied at Sydney College of the Arts where he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in 1990 and in 1992 he received a First Class Honours degree from the department of Art History and Theory at Sydney University.  In 1997...

Peter Kennedy, Artist

Peter Kennedy was born in Brisbane in 1945 and began painting in his teenage years. He had his first show at the Johnstone Gallery in 1964, and then moved to Sydney later that year with the intention of studying at East Sydney Tech (now the National Art School).

Albie Thoms, Filmmaker

Albie Thoms was born in Sydney in 1941 and studied Arts at Sydney University, where he became involved with SUDS (Sydney University Dramatic Society) and the Sydney Push.

John A. Douglas, Artist

John A. Douglas is an artist and musician who was born in Sydney in 1960. He holds B.A. Fine Arts [2002] and a Masters of Fine Arts by Research [2008] from the University of NSW College of Fine Arts, Sydney.

Francesca da Rimini, Artist

Dr. Francesca da Rimini is an artist, researcher and makes work using various media including text, video and computers. She often works in collaboration with others, particularly as she drifts through the internet, where she maintains a number of avatars and spaces including GashGirl, doll yoko, GenderFuckMeBaby's Palace of Unparalled...

Sam James, Artist

Sam James has been a filmmaker and projection designer for performance since 1995. His focus has been to collaborate with new media, dance and theatre projects to develop integrated, paradoxical languages in live performance.

Ama & Chan, Kate Richards, Production

Kate Richards' design and production work was included the video design for 'Ama and Chan', a performance work for Urban Theatre Projects Sydney in 2010. 

Kurt Brereton, Artist

“Did you know Kurt Brereton was born in a circus and ran away to live in a home?” asks George Alexander in his opening address for Brereton's 2001 multimedia exhibition Kurt Brereton at The Loft, Loft Gallery, UTS, Sydney. He goes on to add, in this short biographical note:

Sarah Waterson, Artist

Sarah Waterson has been a practising and exhibiting artist and designer since the mid-1980s. Her art works include electronic installations, collaborations with performers, video and audio work, generative and software based artworks, VR environments and data visualisations/ecologies.  She was resource Manager for the Sydney Intermedia Network (SIN) from 1995 till 1997, also...

Destiny Deacon, Artist

Destiny Deacon was born in 1957, belonging to the K'ua K'ua and Erub/Mer peoples of Maryborough, Queensland. She completed a Bachelor of Arts (Politics) at The University of Melbourne in 1979 and a Diploma of Education at La Trobe University, Melbourne in 1981, after which she commenced working as a history teacher.  Since...

Petra Gemeinboek, Artist

Petra Gemeinboeck’s practice crosses the fields of architecture, interactive installation, mobile media, robotics, and visual culture. In her current research, Petra explores the potential of robotic intervention as an investigative lens into the politics of surveillance by deploying autonomous robots, embedded into the architectural fabric of a gallery. She...

Gary Willis, Artist

Gary Willis was born in 1949 and grew up in Canberra.

Eugenia Lim, Artist

Eugenia Lim is a Melbourne-based artist who works across video, performance and installation. Through her work she explores the representation of race, identity, nationalism and cross-cultural mythologies with a critical but humourous eye. Her work has been exhibited locally and globally at venues including ACMI, the Tate Modern, GOMA and...

Dennis Del Favero, Artist

Dennis Del Favero is an artist who has worked with photography, video and new media since the mid 1980s. He studied philosophy at the University of Sydney, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 1976, before going on to further his studies at Masters and Doctorate levels in the fields...

Ross Gibson, Artist

Ross Gibson is a writer and researcher who also makes films and multi-media environments.  His main interests are contemporary arts,  communication and the history of environmental consciousness in colonial cultures, particularly in Australia and the Pacific.  His work spans several media and disciplines.