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Vahid Vahed, Artist

Vahid Vahed was born in Tehran, Iran in 1959. He attended high school and later university in England during 1975-81. He studied civil engineering and communications, majoring in photography and film studies. Vahid lived and worked as an editor and a photographer in Germany for three years before immigrating to...

Mari Velonaki, Artist

Mari Velonaki is a media artist and researcher who is working in the field of interactive installation art since 1995. Her practice engages the spectator/participant with digital and robotic “characters” in interplays stimulated by sensory triggered interfaces. Her innovative human-machine interfaces promote intimate and immersive relationships between participants and interactive...

Cynthia Verspaget, Artist

Cynthia Verspaget, formerly an artist in residence at SymbioticA at the University of Western Australia and currently located as a Lecturer at Curtin University of Technology in Media and Information, is a diverse artist whose works encompass disciplines such as new media and bio art. Her work hopes to challenge...

Alan Vizents, Artist

Allan Vizents was born in California, and first worked with audio, video and performance as part of the Perth collective Media Space (combining photographic, graphic, recorded and written work). He later moved to Sydney, where he directed Performance Space until his untimely death in 1987. 

Daniel von Sturmer, Artist

Of the countless artists using video as a part of their sculptural practice few have investigated its possibilities as extensively as Daniel von Sturmer. From his early works using video to document obscure material processes - plastic bags unfurling, blobs of Blu Tak apparently defying gravity or balloons inflating with...