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Artist Duo

Lycette Bros, Artist Duo

John and Mark Lycette, formed Lycette Bros. in 1997, together they create a broad range of digital media including iPhone games and Apps, interactive productions, installations and animations. The Lycette Brothers' work is widely regarded and continues to be exhibited and awarded around the world.The Lycette Bros. portfolio consists of...

Anna Davis and Jason Gee, Artist Duo

Anna Davis (b. 1974) and Jason Gee (b.1965) are media artists who began working together in 1999. Their collaborative practice uses sampling, video scratch techniques, cut-up and projection to agitate the media environment.

Akira and Nathan Lasker, Artist Duo

Akira and Nathan Lasker are twins who form a loose artist collaborative. They employ video performances to explore how everyday rituals and the gestures associated with them can become absurd theatres. In their mutual mimicries, everyday actions become intense affective experiences of abjectness and comical humour that reflect...

nova Milne, Artist Duo

nova Milne is the working name of duo Stephanie nova Milne, born 1980, Sydney, Australia, and Richard nova Milne, born 1977, Toronto, Canada. They also sometimes exhibit under the generic title Ms&Mr.

sodacake, Artist Duo

sodacake is the collaborative project of artists Solange Kershaw and Damian Castaldi. Spanning over 14 years together and from different locations around the globe, the pair have made a practice of mixed media installation, performance, electronic & acoustic music composition and audiovisual production. They came together in the late...

Haines and Hinterding, Artist Duo

David Haines (b. 1966) and Joyce Hinterding (b. 1958) are a collaborative art duo based in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. The duo have been collaborating on art and music projects since 1999. While both artists have extensive solo careers, as Haines & Hinterding the duo...

Topologies, Artist Duo

Chris Henschke and Donna Kendrigan are Topologies, a unique and inspired creative partnership. Topologies covers every facet of contemporary media including fine ...

Out-of-Sync, Artist Duo

Out-of-Sync is a collaboration between Norie Neumark and Maria Miranda. Norie and Maria have maintained a collaborative media art practice since 1993, beginning in community radio and making CDROMs. As their practice developed they began exploring larger questions of culture and technology, with works like Shock in the Ear (1998)...

Squidsilo, Artist Duo

Julie Vulcan & Ashley Scott are two Sydney-based artists who have been collaborating on performance and technology-based projects as 'Squidsilo' since 2010.