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screening program

1997 1728 Sep  
Trans Video, screening program

New video art and documentary from Brazil, Chile & Argentina coinciding with Carnivale '97. Curated by Janet Merewether. Presented by Sydney Intermedia Network. 

1997 1728 Sep  
Trans Video - Program, screening program

New video art and documentary from Brazil, Chile & Argentina coinciding with Carnivale '97.Curated by Janet Merewether.Presented by Sydney Intermedia Network. 

UBU and Sydney Filmmakers Co-op - Take 2 AFI Cinema, screening program

Screening program highlighting the work of the UBU film group and Sydney Filmmakers Co-op.Presented by Sydney Intermedia Network.  

1994 16 December1995 29 Jan  
An Eccentric Orbit: Video Art in Australia (Tour), screening program

Exhibition of Australian video art travelling to: 1994 Scene Nationale Les Plateaux, Angouleme, France Espace Lyonnais d'art  Contemporain, Lyon, France Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada            Cornell Cinema, Ithaca, New York, USA 1995

1992 8 9 Feb  
Subtopian Zones: Visions of the Virtual Body, screening program

Video & Television Festival ’92, Spiral Hall, Tokyo 1992 Curator: Peter Callas Australian Artists: John Gillies & the Sydney Front, Jill Scott, Micheal Hill, Simon Biggs

1995 19 August  
Colour of Time, screening program

Arthur & Corinne Cantrill: experiments with colour in film.  This screening looked at one of the recurring interests in Arthur and Corinne Cantrill's films - the exploration of colour.   Domain Theatre, Art Gallery of New South Wales.     Introduction:

1989 130 Sep  
Attitude, screening program

Attitude Film & Video Event Presented by the Sydney Super 8 Film Group Inc. The Attitude Film & Video Event was held at various venues in Sydney throughout September, 1989. 

1997 29 Oct 4 Nov  
Body of Information, screening program

ANAT were invited to present a program of Australian video and new media artworks at Gallery Connexion in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Body Of Information was an eclectic selection of work, which interrogated a range of issues faced by Australian artists; exploring identity, critiquing the decentred subject, interrogating heritage, tearing up...

MAAP 2002, Exhibition

MAAP 2002 (Multimedia Art Asia Pacific), previously staged in Brisbane, was held in Asia for the first time.

Luminosity, workshop/masterclass

During 2004 ANAT worked closely with Adelaide City Council (ACC) on the development of the Luminosity project.

1997 25 November  
Altered States, screening program

Curated by Helen Stuckey and Shiralee Saul. Direct from Interact Asia Pacific Multimedia Festival 1997. Presented by Sydney Intermedia Network Inc in conjunction with Experimenta Media Arts. Program also includes the Sydney launch of Experimenta's journal MESH #11 - Altered States issue.