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Video art

5BY7, Video Installation

The Brothers Gruchy, Tim Gruchy and Mic Gruchy 6 channel video installation, 2008 Pullman Hotel - Olympic Park Sydney

Artists in Cyberculture, Interview

Interview with Tim Gruchy for a documentary made about artists contributing to TISEA (The Third International Symposium of Electronic Art)

1987 4 September  
AVF '87 - Video - Art - Music - Performance Night, Video Screening

The Australian Video Festival, 1987 VIDEO – ART – MUSIC – PERFORMANCE NIGHT

Clesthyra's Undoing, Interactive Video Installation

Interactive Multiuser Immersive Multimedia Environment by Tim Gruchy Commisioned for 2nd Asian Art Biennial, Taichung Clesthyra is a fictional mythological character from Neil Stephenson’s Anathem, who can see in all directions at once. This works breaks down and subverts that possibility. It subtly draws the audience’s attention within the 360º screen space,...

2002 30 Jul31 Aug  
d>art02 Adelaide, Video and Film Screening and Exhibition

Presented by d/Lux/MediaArts d>art02 SCREENMercury CinemaTuesday 30 July, 7.30pm d>art02 EXHIBITIONExperimental Art FoundationGestural Installations + InteractivesThursday 1 August – Wednesday 31 August

2003 1119 Jun  
Dream Machine V1, Video

First in the series exploring a future where dream recording is possible, by the Brothers Gruchy. Tim Gruchy and Mic Gruchy. Screened at numerous international festivals.

Dream Machine V2, Video

Second in the series exploring a future where dream recording is possible, by the Brothers Gruchy. Tim Gruchy and Mic Gruchy explore incarceration in this episode inspired by “In The Belly of the Beast’ by Jack Henry Abbott. Screened extensively at numerous video festivals internationally and broadcast in Australia.

1990 1024 Mar  
Matinaze 1990, Video and Film Screening

Matinaze 1990: Premieres and Rare SigntingsDomain Theatre, Art Gallery of NSWA selection of Australian film and video art  presented by Sydney Super 8 Film Group inc and assisted by the Australian Film Commisison.

1997 512 Apr  
Matinaze 1997, Video and Film Screening and Exhibition

Presented by Sydney Intermedia Network (SIN)Director: Alessio CavallaroDomain Theatre, Art Gallery of New South Wales SIN's seventh annual survey of Australian screen art. Experimental Film and Video ProgramSaturday 5 April, 1pmSaturday 12 April, 1pm

1997 512 Apr  
Andrew Frost, Artist

Andrew Frost was born in 1962 in Sydney, Australia. Frost has worked as an artist in various media including film, video and painting, and as a writer, curator, critic and lecturer.

The Defenestrascope, Steven Ball, Video

The War on Television, Steven Ball, Video

The War on Television is made almost entirely from images derived from interference fractured digital television broadcasts. These are randomly processed and manipulated through layers of scratch techniques exaggerating the stuttering fragmentation.

Singing Stone, Peter Callas, Single channel video work

Singing Stone, 4:22 mins, Sydney, 1980 A hand clutches a oval stone which is drawn back and forth across a white surface in tight circular motions, grinding pigment. Muffled white noise and scraping sounds accompany the images. (Sound is an integral part of Callas’ practice, in which aural and visual elements...

1999 10 Jun 3 Jul 99, Video and Film Screening and Exhibition

Presented by d/Lux/MediaArtsCurated by Alessio Cavallaro Australia's premier annual showcase of inter/national experimental digital film, digital video, computer animation and cd-rom art. CD-ROM exhibitionThursday 10 June-Saturday 3 JulyArtspace43-51 Cowper Wharf Rd, Woolloomooloo Film/Video/Animation46th Sydney Film FestivalFriday 18 June, 5.15pmAcademy Cinemas 3A Oxford St, Paddington

d>art catalogue, Catalogue

Produced and Presented by d/Lux/MediaArts Selections from d>art 98 and d>art 99 Duration 56 minutes

2004 28 May 3 Jul  
Interlace: New Video Work, video exhibition

Curated by Blair FrenchArtists: Shaun Gladwell, Emil Goh and Kate Murphy An exhibition of video work presented at Performance Space, Sydney and Contemporary Art Services Tasmania, Hobart [CAST].

2003 17 Sep30 Nov  
Primavera 2003, Group Exhibition

Primavera: Exhibition of Young Australian Artists is an annual MCA exhibition which showcases the work of Australian artists 35 years of age and under. Primavera 2003 responded to the theme of new media technologies. Curated by Julianne Pierce, Director of the Australian Network for Art & Technology (ANAT), it explores...

1992 5 Nov 4 Dec  
Strangers in Paradise: Contemporary Australian art to Korea, Group Exhibition

Curated by Victoria Lynn for the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea.

2002 1319 Jun  
d>art02, Video and Film Screening

Presented by d/Lux/MediaArtsCurator: Leah Grycewicz  d>ART02  LAUNCHMuseum of Contemporary Art 140 George St, The RocksThursday 13th June 6-9pm OPEN Friday 14th + Saturday 15th 10am - 5pm

1987 7 September  
AVF '87 - Video Art Awards entries, Video Festival

[2nd AVF catalogue, p.84] VIDEO ART Simon Biggs - Le Desir (Prisoners)Addresses notions of difference (sexual, psychological) suspending distinctions through a poetic and associative approach to the media. Mark Boswell - How to Prevent Scurvy with LimesA social study shot in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.

Double Dream (1985), Jill Scott, Videotape

Double Dream (1985)Videotape (media critical narrative) and video installation. Sound track from environmental sound sampled on Fairlight CMI

The Magnetic Tapes (1981), Jill Scott, Video

The Magnetic Tapes (1981), 3/4” U-matic, color. Three narrative videotapes Voyeurism (6min)Dictatorship (6min)Retaliation (6min)

I Thought I Knew but I was Wrong: New Video Art from Australia, Group Exhibition

A touring exhibition program of contemporary Australian video art, featuring 19 Australian artists. The exhibition toured to Bangkok, Singapore and Seoul in 2004–2005. ARTISTS: Guy Benfield, Philip Brophy, Amiel Courtin-Wilson, Daniel Crooks, DAMP, Destiny Deacon, Virginia Fraser, Shaun Gladwell, Lyndal Jones, The Kingpins, Marcus Lyall, James Lynch, Tracey Moffatt, TV Moore,...