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Sydney Super 8 Film Group

Banner, Barbara Campbell, Film

colour, sound, Super 8 Banner is described as "A compressed history of US expansionism by way of some well-known cultural icons."1 "Working backwards, the distinctive red stripes of Sydney's Coca Cola sign and REagan's Star Wars policy must have inspired that original star-spangled banner worked out by Betsy Ross and George Washington...

1990 1024 Mar  
Matinaze 1990, Film and Video Exhibition

A selection of Australian film and video art presented by the Sydney Super 8 Film Group at the Domain Theatre, Art Gallery of NSW during March 1990. It featured works by Victoria Dawson, Melanie El Mir, Dennis Wilcox and Derek Kreckler, Liz Watts, David Opitz, Rosie Cross, Stephen Cummings, Barbara Campbell,...

Kurt Brereton, Artist

“Did you know Kurt Brereton was born in a circus and ran away to live in a home?” asks George Alexander in his opening address for Brereton's 2001 multimedia exhibition Kurt Brereton at The Loft, Loft Gallery, UTS, Sydney. He goes on to add, in this short biographical note: