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Mike Parr

1971 23 Nov 7 Dec  
Video Tapes at Inhibodress, Group Exhibition

Over two evenings in late 1971, Mike Parr and Peter Kennedy presented 80 minutes of video tapes they had made over the previous months. These were recordings of performances of "art by instruction" in which the artist went about performing a task that may have put them under extreme pressure...

1971 23 November  
Pushing a Camera over a Hill, Mike Parr, Video

PUSHING A CAMERA OVER A HILL (A work for videotape) 23 November 1971

1971 23 Nov 7 Dec  
Self-Circle on Sand - No.1, Mike Parr, Video

SELF-CIRCLE ON SAND No.1. (a work for video. From. . '20 SELF-CIRCLES. . PROGRAMMES & INVESTIGATIONS '71')