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activist video

1987 410 Sep  
AVF '87 - Video from South-East Asia, video collection

The Australian Video Festival, 1987

1978 5 7 May  
The 2nd Video Mayfair, video exhibition

Video MayFair Sydney Filmmakers Coop 5-7 May, 1978 The Second Video Mayfair was run at the Sydney Filmmakers Co-op over Friday 5th to Sunday 7th May, 1978.

1977 2122 May  
The First Video May Fair, video exhibition

First Video May Fair [Extract from program:] The weekend will be a video forum: the playback of videotapes and the discussion of how, where and why people are using video.

1971 AugSep  
The Videosphere, Article

Few people complaining about the rotten tv on the box realise they can get out and make their own. The machines are around - it just needs people to use them. They're being used now, but their applications are far wider than those that control them at present allow.