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2001 Program

Deep Immersion: Scientific Serendipity, Residency

In 1999 ANAT commenced the Deep Immersion: Scientific Serendipity series of artist/science residencies.

2001 October  
TILT, workshop/masterclass

In October 2001, ANAT partnered with dLux Media Arts, Imperial Slacks, House of Laudanum and Metro Screen to present TILT (Trans-global Independent Lateral Tactics), a dynamic conference and workshop event on tactical media which was held at various locations around Sydney.

2001 December  
Arcadia, Launch

In early December 2001, ANAT launched the Arcadia publication. Arcadia aimed to delve into confluences between art, technology and theology. This investigation is part of the larger Deep Immersion project, which provided thematic focuses for ANAT's activities over the three-year period 1998 to 2000.